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In my recent post “Diminishing Democracy” I mentioned that Richard Nixon had come to the conclusion that the future of the Republican Party was in the South.   Based upon all that has happened politically since Nixon’s proclammation, I agreed with his conclusion.   Here are some startling statistics that I discovered today with regard to those who believe that President Obama was born in this country.  The “Birthers”, that fringe group of conservatives, have been making a lot of noise about their belief in the accuracy of Obama’s birth certificates and therefore the legitimacy of his election.

A recent Research 2000 poll showed that only 47% of Southerners believed Obama was born in the United States.  Other regional breakdowns are as follows:  93% in the Northeast, 90% in the Midwest, and 87% in the West.  Just more indications that Nixon was correct.  The Republican Party is in serious danger of experiencing a condition where the only region of the country where they can have real electoral success is in the South.  One wonders how they expect to reverse their rapidly diminishing fortunes on the national political scene without gaining ground in other regions of the country.


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