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Political Discourse

I never really share much about why I left the Republican Party after being a member for over 20 years.  Let’s just say that I came to the conclusion that well-established and documented Republican political tactics became too distasteful for me to identify with.

 When I made the decision to leave the party I basically had two options.  Either I would join the Democrats or become an Independent.  After years of observing the Democratic political machine in action I realized that I couldn’t identify with their lack of action.  Becoming an Independent was my only real option.

 I did not take leaving one party and joining another lightly.  The disgust I felt towards my party during the Clinton administration finally overcame my well-chronicled resistance to any type of change.  The behavior of both parties since that time has reinforced the correctness of my decision.  The events of the past months have validated my decision to leave one party and my decision not to join their foes.

 You don’t have to look too deeply into the battle over health care legislation to find clear examples of the reasons why I don’t belong to either party.  What I find almost laughable is that Democrats seem so shocked by the callous nature of the battle for health care reform.  For all you Democrats out there, here are a few things to consider.

Republicans believe that they have to stop Obama’s agenda regardless of the affect it may have on the lives of Americans. In other words, political victory is the only thing that matters. There is no news here.  Republicans tried to stop Civil Rights legislation in the 60’s. Republicans stopped health care legislation during the Clinton Administration and tried to stop Medicare legislation.
Republicans will chip away at proposed legislation to lessen it’s effect on their contributor’s. There is nothing outlandish about this behavior, it has worked in the past and will work now if you let it work.
Republicans will play on the emotions of their base in orchestrated efforts to take the focus off of issues and onto fear. Have you forgotten the efforts of the Karl Rove circus during the last two national elections?  Have you forgotten how abortion, gay marriage, immigration, and gun control propositions were placed on the ballot in states where Republican’s needed increased voter turnout to get their candidates elected?
Republicans have a list of “incendiary terms” that when used effectively, promote rage within their constituents. This is way too easy folks.  Here a few that you may have been hearing of late: Socialism, Communism, Hitler, Nazi, Government Intrusion, Abortion, Immigration, and lets not forget the new entry, death panel.

If it wasn’t such an important piece of legislation on the line, it would be amuzing to me that the Democrats seem shocked that the battle for health care legislation has taken on this tone.  Here are a few reasons why this battle has validated my decision not to join the Democratic Party.

  • Democrats seem unprepared for the predictable political tactics used by Republicans.  Political malpractice?
  • Democrats continue to respond to predictable political tactics in weak and sluggish ways.  Under these circumstances, their constituents have the right to doubt their heart for the battle.
  • Democrats have failed to realize that the effectiveness of the Republicans is due in large part to their own pathetic performance in battle.  Also known as repetitive incompetence.
  • Democrats cave in to the demands of a party that is demoralized and without any form of real leadership.  I think someone should inform the Democrats that they actually won the last national election.  I don’t think it has sunk in yet.  Failure to reap the benefits of your stunning victory is political suicide.
  • As long as Democrats respond as they do to these predictable political tactics, their opposition will continue to use them effectively.  Why wouldn’t they?  They work! 

Democrats continue to reach out in the spirit of bipartisanship to a group of individuals who have no plans to vote for their legislation.   Offering a cup of coffee to someone about to stab you in the back doesn’t seem like such a good idea guys!  Failure to effectively use the political clout afforded you in the past two elections will cause those of us who voted for you to think twice before placing our trust in you again. 

Occasionally slapping your opponent in the face with an open hand will not work when the guns they bring to the battle (and town hall meetings) are pointed at your head.  Wake up Democrats!   You have your opponent outnumbered and you don’t seem to be interested in using that to your advantage.  Looks to me like your warriors are not prepared for battle.

It isn’t unusual for an outnumbered opponent to win the battle.  However, it takes a poorly prepared army with no will to win to lose to an outnumbered opponent.  Sorry, I just couldn’t join that army.  Events of the past month have validated my decision.



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