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Dick Cheney has a very low opinion of the American public.  Statements made by the former Vice President since leaving office leave a clear indication that he doesn’t think much of our ability to think for ourselves. Or could it be that he is hoping that we don’t remember the behavior of the Executive Branch of government that he so ably manipulated during his time in office?   His opinion of us is insulting. It doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent. He insults all of us. Let me give you an example.

The Justice Department of the United States was created in 1870. “Justice” as it is often called, is responsible for enforcing federal laws (including the enforcement of all civil rights legislation). In order to perform their jobs fairly and without prejudice, those who work within the Justice Department must be completely impartial and far removed from any particular political ideology.

On July 28, 2008 the Justice Department released a report concluding that agency officials “violated both federal law and Department policy” by basing the hiring, firing, and promoting of some Department applicants and officials on political ideology. When given the task of investigating its own behavior, the Justice Department revealed that it indeed had broken federal law. In other words, the department given the task of enforcing federal law had broken federal law.

Further study of the report indicated that the infusion of political ideology into the practices of the Justice Department has resulted in a system where even the interns that they hired to assist them in their job were forced to pass a partisan litmus test. In other words, if you were not a conservative Republican you couldn’t work in Justice.

Since that time, it has been proven that Justice removed several existing United States Attorneys for purely political reasons while stating just the opposite. Politics tends to be concerned with acquiring and maintaining power. The Bush Justice Department was used as a tool to help conservative Republicans win elections and remain in power. Where does a country turn when those charged with enforcing the law themselves become law breakers?

Republicans have a history of relying on the “rule of law” concept whenever it fits their ideologically-driven argument. When backed into a corner, they tend to come out fighting with this “rule of law” argument.  As an example, the Clinton impeachment proceedings were an opportunity for the “rule of law” argument to be imposed upon the people.  Republicans used this argument effectively during the entire process.  That being said, it is obvious that those who injected their political ideology into the workings of the Justice Department have ignored one of their most oft-used dictates. What has become crystal clear is that the “rule of law” argument only applies when Republicans want it to apply.  Selective adherence to the “rule of law” is hypocrisy.

There is always tension between the White House and the Justice Department.  After all, any current occupant of the White House must perform their job under the watchful eye of Justice.  That being said, the actions of the Bush White House seem to indicate a lack of concern for interference from their Justice Department.  As a matter of fact, the illegal actions taken at Justice during the Bush years were taken for the purpose of furthering the conservative ideology at the expense of “liberty and justice for all.” 

Recently, ex-Vice President Cheney complained that the current Justice Department is guilty of political motivation with the recent announcement of an investigation into the actions of the CIA in torturing “high value detainees” captured in the war on terrorism.  Cheney is complaining that the Justice Department, responsible for enforcing the laws of this country without prejudice, should not be investigating those who broke the law in an effort maintain freedom for all.

President Obama is not served well by any investigation into possible crimes committed in the name of freedom by the CIA or any other group of people.  At a time when the health care debate is in full swing, anything that takes away from this and any other legislative effort is harmful to the Obama Administrations efforts.  Indeed, the President has often stated that he does not believe that looking back into the actions of others in recent history, will do the country any good and he doesn’t want to do it.  In fact, the Obama Administration has problems with anything that will hinder their ability to further their legislative efforts.

The recent announcement by the Justice Department will stir up a hornets nest and quite probably will make it more difficult for Obama and the Democrats to advance their agenda.  This investigation could end up further dividing the country and creating more roadblocks to recovery. The actions of this Justice Department are absolutely the opposite of what the President needs at this time. However, when the law is broken, the Justice Department has no other option but to investigate it, and apply the law to those who broke it. It is their job, and their only job.

The Justice Department is not designed to keep people in power, or assist any one ideology with the advancement of their ideals.  Their job is to uphold the law.  Not investigating these crimes would be an act that would actually make it easier for Democrats to advance their agenda.  Failure to do their job in effect would help the Democrats.  This Justice Department is doing what it is supposed to do.  The Bush Justice Department broke the law to advance the Presidents agenda.  There is a significant disconnect between the two.

In the mind of Dick Cheney, investigating potential crimes committed in the name of freedom is a political act.  With that in mind, I have come to a couple of conclusions with regard to the behavior and nature of this man known as Dick Cheney.

First, it is apparent that Mr. Cheney thinks that the American people have absolutely no ability to recall the actions undertaken during his years as Vice-President.  He must think that the advancement of time has caused us all to forget about the illegal activity of the Bush Justice Department.  We remember, Mr. Cheney.  All of us remember whether we admit it for political expediency or not.

Second, I have come to the conclusion that he has no respect for the ability of the American people to think for themselves.  In fact, his actions indicate that he never did respect us.  We aren’t ignorant Mr. Cheney.  Breaking the law under the guise of protecting our freedoms is breaking the law.  The Justice Department is doing their job when it investigates behavior that you approve of in spite of its lawlessness.

Regardless of our political ideology or lack of therein, the American people understand what you are about Dick.  We are not about the same things as you are.  We are indeed a people who believe in the “rule of law”.  That is why the recently announced investigation of the actions of the CIA is in our best interests.  It is also one reason why your party is no longer in power.



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