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“I Will Stop This Car!”

You know you have said it at one time or another!  You have heard just about enough of it.  The more miles you drive the worse it gets.  Finally, you just explode and let the kids in the back seat know that you are done with it.  Enough of the bickering.  Enough of the arguing.  Quit touching one another!   You know you have said it….if you haven’t you have heard it from your own parents.


All I want is just a peaceful quiet drive to wherever it is we are going.  Let me enjoy the ride.  Yet, 10 minutes later they are at it again.  Nothing seems to get them to keep from trying to exert their will or gain the upper hand.  The real question to ask yourself is whether or not the kids really think you will pull off to the side of the road.  Once you stop the car, what are you going to do?  Honestly, the kids don’t think you will pull over.  Are you going to drop the kids by the side of the road and drive on without them?  I think not!  But it’s a thought.

So it is with the health care debate in this country.  On a day when individuals from both sides of the political spectrum are getting together to discuss where they go from here it is important to remember what got us here.  Frankly, I am ready to stop the car, and leave them all by the side of the road.  I can hear it now as I drive off.  “Is he really leaving us here or is he going to turn around and open the door and let us back in?”

Here is the problem with the children we have placed in the back seat.  Each has its own will and neither is all that interested in having a peaceful drive in the country.  Each wants their own way.  Each believes their way is the only way.  Neither kid wants to give in.

The tea party movement with all of its inherent inconsistencies, is an attempt for angry parents to stop the car and leave the kids by the side of the road.  On my part, I don’t blame them one bit.  These kids never shut up!

Sitting in the left hand seat we have the completely incompetent Democrats.  There are more of them than there are Republicans.  The electorate overwhelmingly gave them the reigns to power.  Even when they had an unstoppable majority they could not quit arguing among themselves.  They worked for years to get to the place where they could exert their will in the backseat argument and yet, they are not intelligent enough to pool their resources, become of one mind, and pass legislation. They are a fraudulent majority without a common will.

Sitting in the right hand seat we have the Republicans.  Their only hope to return to the majority is to make those in the left hand seat look so incompetent that people decide to give the majority back to them, knowing full well that they completely screwed it up when they were in power.  They are hoping that the parents will forget their past behavior.  Never mind that their history includes case after case of governing in such a way as to completely ignore their stated beliefs.  Never mind that the things they complaign about the most, are things that they regularly and consistently did when they were in power.  The less government, reduced spending, family-values Republicans became the more government, increased spending, valueless Republicans.  Their behavior during their time in power completely disregarded their core beliefs.  Now that they are out of power, claims around their core values are not believable by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t even think they believe their own words.  Their behavior makes them frauds in the mind of many of their supporters and they have basically admitted it.

We are tired of them all.  Hence, there are tremors of change once again vibrating throughout the country.  There is not a thing wrong with that.  It is time to pull the car over and give them all both barrels.   So if I were to pull the car over, stand them by the side of the road, and give them the business, what would I say?

I would tell them that they have worn out their welcome.  I would tell them that their behavior is a terrific reason to leave them by the side of the road and drive off.  I would tell them that all I want is for them to shut up, get along, and do their job.  Of course once I put them back in the car, we will drive in peace for a while, but only a short while.  After about 5 miles I will look in the review mirror and notice that they are at it again.  One touching the other in a antagonistic way, and the other yelling out “he touched me!”

So today, the two incompetent and unruly children will be meeting to discuss ways to move forward.  Never mind that the party in charge can’t even come up with a plan that they all believe in.  Never mind that the minority party doesn’t want a plan in the first place.  Their claims that they want health care reform are betrayed by the fact that they had the power to do something about it for 40 years and never even brought it up!  It will be interesting to watch the two of them in the back seat to see how well they get along.

Never mind that the country needs health care reform.  The only thing that matters is who gets the upper hand.  So what is it that I want from them today?

  1. I want medical insurance available for all.  I don’t care how it happens, I just want everyone covered.
  2. I want it to be impossible to drop someone from coverage because of their medical conditions.
  3. I want it possible to get insurance regardless of past medical problems.
  4. I want the cost of health care to be reduced.
  5. I want care givers to be able to do their job without fear that they will be sued for malpractice over someone who has discovered a new freckle on their leg and it is surely the care givers fault.
  6. I want small-business owners to be able to offer medical insurance to their workers without bankrupting the company that they worked so hard to establish.

If the individuals that are supposed to work towards improving the lives of the people they represent can not work together on this, it may be time to stop the car and leave them by the side of the road.  After all, we have threatened to do just that.  Maybe the problem is that we have used the words “I WILL STOP THIS CAR” so ineffectively for so long that the kids in the back seat don’t really believe us.  Maybe it is our fault for leaving them in power in the first place.

Questions and Comments Always Welcome!


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