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I submit to you the following statement:  “Despite her oft made claims that she represents the beliefs of the ‘Real American People’ , Liz Cheney’s thought processes are as un-American as the terrorists who threaten our way of life”.  Now that I have gotten that off my chest I will try to back my claim with legitimate thoughts and ideas.

The American system of justice was founded on the premise that individuals are presumed innocent.  This isn’t something that deserves a newsflash folks.  Even the most hardened, and sickening individuals have the right to the presumption of innocence. You may not like this, but it is the American way.

The American system of justice grants every individual the right to legitimate legal representation.  Again, this isn’t something that will make banner headlines across the newspapers throughout the nation.  Individuals that we know committed heinous crimes are given the opportunity to a legitimate legal defense.  It’s the American way.

The American system of justice requires that the “state” prove without a shadow of a doubt that an individual is guilty of a crime, before declaring them guilty and proceeding with punishment.  It’s the American way.

The American system of justice requires that evidence against an individual be gathered in ways that do not stomp all over the rights of the accused.  You might remember the first Simpson trial in Los Angeles.  One of the major issues argued during that  trial was the validity of the evidence and the validity of the methods used in collecting it. We may not have liked it, but it was the American way.

The American system of justice places huge requirements upon the prosecution to prove its’ case and almost seems like it favors the accused at times. 

Do you know why our system is designed this way?  Basically, it is designed to ensure that innocent individuals don’t get thrown in jail for crimes they did not commit.

Better to let the guilty go free because of the prosecutions inability to prove their case than let the innocent be convicted and jailed.  It’s really very simple.

The concepts I have mentioned are as American as apple pie, baseball and the ability to make an idiot of yourself on the national stage.  Liz Cheney lives in a country that grants her the right to be Liz Cheney.  She seems to be taking advantage of her rights regularly.

The political right tends to make a lot of noise about being “truly American”, “the only Americans”, “real patriots”, and “defenders of the Constitution”.  Since I am not a member of the political right, I guess I can’t qualify.  By the way I think I qualified until I left the Republican Party years ago.  Now, I am not so sure.

Do I hate the fact that those who are currently incarcerated and accused of acts of terrorism against the United States of American are granted certain rights?  You bet I do!  I hate it!  I would rather that we just take them to the execution chamber or lock them away for life right now.  However, as an American citizen, I also have to accept the fact that they deserve a legitimate defense.  I have to accept that the government has to use legal methods to make their case against them. 

Granting the accused certain rights is the American way.  Our justice system is one of the things that separates our country from the countries that would try to destroy us with their terrorist activity.

Liz Cheney has recently taken it upon herself to demonize a group of Justice Department lawyers who were asked to provide legal representation to a group of GITMO detainees.  Never mind that the American justice system requires it.  Never mind that they were providing services at the behest of others.  Liz has decided to demonize the Justice Department for hiring them.  In fact, she identifies them as the Al Qaeda 7.  Basically she is trying to get the Justice Department to identify individuals who represented detainees at GITMO and are now working on Justice Department detainee policy.  In fact what she did in typical fashion was to word her comments in such a way as to get certain reactionary members of their base political support to think of these lawyers as Al Qaeda sympathisers or American lawyers who think like terrorists not like Americans.  (An interesting little factoid here for Liz…”Al Qaeda” means “the base”.  You spend a lot of time spewing words and ideas designed to stir up “your base”.) 

In 2007, Ted Olson, former solicitor general of the United States — contributed to an article for Legal Times in which he said that efforts to demonize detainee defense lawyers are antithetical to American values.

If there is anyone in this country who could be excused for harboring a fierce sense of hatred towards any terrorist it would be Ted Olsen.  Ted’s wife was on one of the planes that flew into the World Trade Center.  I don’t know how one lives with that.  I can’t imagine the pain and suffering that man has had to deal with over it. 

When a man living with the knowledge that a group of terrorists took his wife’s life, and destroyed their life together, can stand up and denounce anyone and anything that cheapens the political discourse by behaving in ways so absolutely opposed to American ideals, I have to stand and applaud his American ideals.

As for Liz Cheney, our country grants you many rights, including the right to make a complete idiot of yourself on the national stage.  Since you have taken the initiative to take advantage of this right, I guess we can say that as an American, the right to spew words and ideas that offend us is something this country we have to put up with.  In that regard you are as American as anyone else.

The American lawyers that actually worked to insure that the rights of detainees were not trampled on, are patriots whose lives cast a significantly larger shadow than the woman living in the shadow of her fathers’ less than tolerable imprint on American values.



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