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Fear 101 – More Lies To Tolerate

Are there specific categories of lies that are more acceptable than others when it comes to the health care (insurance) debate?  All we have heard from Republicans for the past couple of months is how passage of the health reform was going to bankrupt the country.  Lets take a look at what the Congressional Budget Office says about this one.
First, a word about the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). The CBO employs about 250 people. The agency is composed primarily of economists and public policy analysts. About three-quarters of its professional staff hold advanced degrees, mostly in economics or public policy.
*CBO’s mandate is to provide the Congress with:
  • Objective, nonpartisan, and timely analyses to aid in economic and budgetary decisions on the wide array of programs covered by the federal budget and
  • The information and estimates required for the Congressional budget process.
*Taken from the Congressional Budget Office website.  (
Congress relies on the CBO to study proposed legislation and report the costs of legislation. 
If you look at the three major pieces of legislation passed during the recent  Bush Administration you will notice a very significant trend.  Each of the three pieces of legislation made significant negative impacts towards the country’s growing deficit.  The 2003 Bush tax cuts (for wealthiest Americans) was projected by the CBO to add over 1 TRILLION to the deficit.  Look at the numbers folks.  Who do you think pushed for the passage of those three pieces of legislation?
I will give you a hint.  They are the same folks who have been complaining the most about the negative impact of the proposed health care reform legislation.  Now take a look at the impact of the health care legislation recently passed  (as determined by the same CBO).   I won’t bring the numbers up here….rumor has it that you all can read a chart.

Thank You To Rachel Maddow For Bringing This To Our Attention

So who are we to believe when it comes to the information being spread by the Republicans.  Are we to believe the Republicans who fought so hard for, and were so proud of their big pieces of legislation during the recent Bush Administration.   Or are we to believe the Democrats who fought those pieces of legislation? 

You decide.   Truth is folks, this is just one more example of Republicans spreading lies and fear in an effort to win a political battle.  Are you used to it yet?  Does it bother you at all?  Are you beginning to get the picture?  Did it work? 

Yes it worked!  Look how many people believe the lie!  Of course you might expect that the Republican leadership would face a serious backlash for their tactics, and their failure.  Fat chance.   I am sure that whatever defense they come up with in the court of public opinion will just be more lies.  You see….. they think you don’t have the guts to question them. 

Republican tactics can best be described as fear-mongering, and after their own spectacular defeat, they still don’t fear for their jobs.  Only in America.


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