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A Real Example Of Big Brother Taking Away Our Liberty

There have always been individuals and groups of individuals that make it a point to proclaim their fear of the government.  There are always people who make claims that “big government” is out to get them.  These days that seems to be all the rage.  Whether it is members of one of the various “tea party” groups or other individuals who make such claims, the claims are loudly proclaimed for all to hear.

For the past year, individuals with the belief that the government is taking over their lives have used every opportunity to state their case or make their claims, while loudly protesting every perceived slight as brought to them by this “liberal, leftist, socialist, administration”.  “They are taking away our liberty!”

While there can be a real fear of government intrusion into the lives of the people it is supposed to be serving, I perceive that most of what we hear now is political noise without much merit.  

The Bush Administration was in power for 8 years.  During this time they responded to the 9-11 terrorist attack on our country in ways that have been determined to be unlawful.  To put it simply, the Bush Administration broke the law.  Repeatedly.  They did it by granting the National Security Agency (NSA) the right to take away the liberty of American citizens by listening in on their phone conversations without warrants.  The NSA’s  “warrantless wiretapping” program is a real example of ” Big Brother” stomping all over the liberty of the citizens they were supposed to be protecting.  This is a verified example of governmental intrusion. 

The Bush Administration, in their infinite wisdom, decided that they could ignore the FISA requirments for listening in on phone conversations of the citizens of the country they were charged with protecting.  The Bushies made the claim that they could break the law by invoking the  use of “state secrets privilege.  Basically, they stated that they were above the law.

Yesterday, a Federal Judge determined that the Bush Administration acted illegally and that the “states secrets privilege” did not apply.  You can tear into the legal arguments of both sides all you want.  You can argue that the intent was to protect the country from further terrorist attack.  Perceived intent does not lessen the fact that the law was broken, and a government agency intruded into the lives of American citizens.

 Interestingly enough, the Bush Adminnistration acted illegally by completely ignoring the rights of the American people to privacy.  The law they broke was written to keep Americans free from illegal government intrusion into their personal lives.

I have one very legitimate question to ask of all of you who recently have been making so much noise about  your loss of liberty and the intrusion of the government into your lives.  


Why is it that I hear no calls for “liberty”  today?  Where are the complaints about the “constitutionality” of the governments actions?  There just doesn’t seem to be any noise coming from anyone who have been making the claim that government intrusion into their lives is ruining the country.  It seems that your requests that you “want your country back” don’t take into account the fact that the “country” you want back was being governed illegally.

Based upon the fact that you didn’t complain about the Bush Administration’s illegal instrusion while it was going on, while it was being investigated, and after it was deemed illegal, I offer a few possible explanations for your inconsistent rants.

  • You believe the Bush Administration’s  intrusion into your life was necessary or ignored it because it was coming from an Administration you supported.
  • You believe the Obama Administrations so-called intrusion is far more serious than the government listening to your personal phone calls without a warrant.
  • As is often the case, your cries relating to “fearing the government intrusion into your life” are phony.  When you disagree with an Administration’s legislative agenda you cry for “liberty” and make claims of “unconstitutionality” because you think it makes your argument valid.  You just don’t have any other way of expressing your dislike for an Administration that was voted into office against your will, even though the will of the people was heard.

If you were politically consistent in your outrage, you would have spoken out against the policies of the Bush Administration that have been proven to be illegal over and over in the courts.   And yet, I hear no echoes of your voices from that time.  Why?  Because you didn’t use them then.  And yet, you use them now.

Either way, your claims are falling on ears that can discern the difference between your rhetoric and the beliefs that generate it.  Your inconsistency is on parade.  Interestingly enough, most of you have not realized that your ideas on the way things should be were rejected by the American people in an overwhelming fashion in the last two elections.  Yet, you continue the use the same tactics that were completely rejected. 

Repeating the same tactics over and over and hoping for  different results might just be the best definition of political insanity.  Interestingly enough, in America, you have the liberty to make your claims while others have the liberty to see through it and completely reject them.

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