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So this is where I admit I was wrong.  I underestimated the Nevada electorates ability to be discerning, to be inquisitive, to take a principled stand against a candidates qualifications for office.  I stated that I thought Sharron Angle was going to defeat Harry Reid in our Senate race because she just had a habit of not going away.  Wrong Steve!  Really wrong Steve!  You all have permission to pile on and I can’t really complain much.

Harry Reid received 60,000 more votes than Sharron Angle in Clark County (Las Vegas region).  Overall, the rest of Nevada chose Sharron Angle by more than 20,000 votes.  Reid was sent back to Washington with a commanding 40,000 vote victory.  (Commanding as compared to an earlier election victory over John Ensign where less than 500 votes decided the contest).

The day after the election there was considerable hyperventilation on local conservative talk radio about the fact that Angle was soundly defeated.  (Hyperventilation always seems to enforce you principled stand don’t you know?)    Our talk radio personalities basically claimed that the Angle defeat was fishy.  There had to be something going on here.  (In other words, Angle really won but the Democrats had somehow stolen the election).  Their reasoning involved the fact that in the two other high-profile Nevada races, Republicans defeated their Democrat opponents.  If Republicans won the these two high profiles races (Governor and House of Representatives) how could it possibly be that Reid defeated Angle?  The “anyone but Harry” crowd felt the sting of defeat once again.  Something must have been going on!

After spending a few days trying to ingest the results of the elections on a national and state level I have come to the same conclusion.  Something must have been going on!  However, my take on what was going on is significantly different from that of those conservative talking heads that fill our radio airwaves.

In my previous post, I listed eleven reasons why Sharron Angle lost my vote.  Each one of those reasons, taken individually, probably wouldn’t have made a difference in the contest.  However, when you look at the reasons I listed, and combine them with other reasons that I didn’t attempt to bring up you get a pretty clear picture of what Sharron’s problem was. 

For me, my main reason is that I will always refuse to vote for someone who runs from the press.  For others, it was her decision to marginalize Hispanic voters that caused them to vote for Reid.  For others it was her “make lemonade out of lemons” comments.  Still others decided that her history of obstinately refusing to compromise even with members of her own party was a problem.   You see, there was something going on.  It wasn’t that someone was somehow stealing the election.  It was that the tea party movement handed the election to Reid on a silver platter by nominating a candidate who was unelectable.  They snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. In an election environment that was decidedly favorable to Republican candidates, her candidacy was rejected by over 40,000 more voters than those who accepted it.   In doing so they made a major contribution to Democratic control of the United States Senate.  To those conservative talk radio personalities who cast doubts about the fairness of the election, I make the following statement.  It is entirely possible that the people of Nevada actually looked at your candidate and rejected her.  You are right, there definitely was something going on here!



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