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In Case You Were Wondering (3)……..

Reason #1 – The Republican Party has evolved from the party that worked diligently to conserve the environment to one that does its best to insure its destruction. (see earlier post)

Reason #2 –  Replacing the current Democratic Administration with a Republican Administration significantly increases the probability of a return to the “enhanced interrogation” policies ushered in by the Bush Administration. (see earlier post)

Reason #3 –The Possibility Of  A Return To Neocon-Influenced Foreign Policy.

Do you know who the “neocons” are?  Do you know the influence that they exerted on the Bush Administration?  Do you understand the result of their influence?  Do you see that influence being exerted on Mitt Romney?   If you can not accurately answer these questions it might be time for you to do a little research.  Do the work and come to your own conclusions without automatically accepting the opinions of the respective political parties, their spokespeople, the bloggers (yes that includes me), and any number of individuals who feed information to you.

The other day Mitt Romney gave an important policy speech where he outlined his proposed policies at the Virginia Military Institute.   Basically, Romney promised to maintain, restore, escalate or even begin military involvement in several of the hotspots in the Middle East.  These included Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Iran.   Never mind that the two wars started by the previous Republican Administration have cost us billions of dollars and thousands of lives and have largely been regarded as poorly planned, improperly executed, and generally impossible to end.  Mitt Romney has a group of foreign policy advisors who are significantly influenced by neocon foreign policy.  His foreign policy pronouncements that day contained significant neocon influence.

Most of the country has come to the conclusion that our military involvement in Afghanistan was necessary.  Many have come to the conclusion that the Iraq conflict was a significant mistake sold to the American people with dubious and false claims and largely reduced our commitment in Afghanistan and helped to prolong that conflict.

We all understood the need for response to the horrible events of September 11, 2001.  Many of us believed in the need for involvement in Afghanistan.  Many of us believed that the Bush Administrations reasons for going to war in Iraq were valid.  Don’t kid yourself.  We were lied to.  Interestingly enough, it took lies to convince us because the truth wouldn’t have done so.  The House of Representatives and the Senate didn’t have the intelligence or backbone to discern the difference.

Here is why the return of Neocon-influenced Foreign Policy scares many of us.  The major players in the development of the policy that resulted in the Iraq war are known as neocons. (Neoconservatives).  Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Donald Rumsfield and many others exerted their considerable influence on President Bush as decisions were made that resulted in the Iraq war.  Did you know that a special intelligence group (I use that term without reference to their personal intelligence) was given the charge of going over raw intelligence in the Pentagon for the purpose of finding reasons, clues, data, etc. that would support their contention that we needed to go to war in Iraq.  Did you know that these individuals did not trust the professional intelligence officers in the CIA and did not believe them when they told them there were no WMD in Iraq?  They didn’t believe CIA intelligence officers when they were told that Saddam Hussein had absolutely no ties to al-Qeada.   They didn’t trust the professionals so they were instructed to find their own justification for war.  They never found any legitimate intelligence that remotely proved their claims.  Yet they provided the impetus for war.

This group of individuals, untrained in intelligence matters, took it upon themselves to provide the country with a case for war.  They interfered with working CIA intelligence officers.  They made incredible and totally unbelievable claims regarding WMD.  Remember the claim that Iraq had mobile biological weapon devices?  Remember the claims that Iraq had hidden biological and atomic weapons.  Remember the fears that our serviceman had regarding the use of biological weapons?   None of these claims were remotely true and easily refuted by even the least experienced CIA intelligence officers.

You see it didn’t matter what the truth was, the neocons developed and operated under their own truths and led the country to war.  By the way, our political allies in England, France, and Germany all had intelligence that there were no WMD in Iraq and warned the President of the United States numerous times.  They were right.  Remember all of the ridiculous comments about France during this time?  Freedom Fries?  The leadership in France was correct about WMD.  Yet we still to this day cast negative comments towards the “peace-loving” French.  They were right and we were wrong.  But it didn’t matter because neocon policy as stated years before this time stated without question that Saddam Hussein had to go.  Within hours of the destruction of the World Trade Center, the neocons in the Bush Administration began looking for clues that Saddam Hussein was involved and therefore must go.  They saw this horrible event as an opportunity to exert their influence and they were eventually successful in convincing the President of the United States that it was logical to attack Iraq.

Understand that I have never, and will never claim that the political leadership in Iraq was filled with saints.  However, that is not the point here.  They were bad guys.  They did bad things.  They were not associated in any way with Osama Bin Laden and no longer had weapons of mass destruction.  Yet there are still thousands of individuals in this country that still believe that Sadaam Hussein was somehow responsible for those planes flying into the Pentagon, and the World Trade Center towers.  They still believe we found WMD in Iraq.  Welcome to the world of neocon foreign policy.  Welcome to the possibility of another Republican Administration influenced by the neocons.

I am one of many who will never remotely consider the option of voting for any Presidential candidate who is in any way associated, and therefore influenced by the neocons.  Mitt Romney has proven to be exactly that Presidential candidate.  With so many still believing the lies spread by the neocon-influenced Bush Administration, it is hard to come to the belief that, as a country, we have the ability to determine the difference between what is the truth and what is not.  Again this isn’t necessarily the most important reason for not voting Republican, it is just another one.

As always, differing opinions are welcome.


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