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In Case You Were Wondering (4)…….

In this post I discuss a significant reason that individuals have decided not to cast their vote for Republican candidates in the coming election.

Reason #4 – Republican Voter Suppression Is Real, And Is, At Its’ Core, Un-American 

On the whole, the Republican Party is the one that screams the most about liberty, American ideals, the Constitution of the United States, and Freedom.  To many who identify with the Republican Party, they consider themselves to be the political party that best represents the “real America”.   I am here to tell you that their claims are bogus and their voter suppression tactics are un-American.

There are no set of actions that are as un-American as the continued efforts of the Republicans to silence the political expression of African-Americans, Hispanics, the elderly, the young, the poor, and past felons who have rightfully regained the right to vote.  The reasons that Republicans give for their efforts all center on a crime that has been proven to be absolutely microscopic in its occurrence.  In-person voter fraud is a non-factor and proven to be a non-event.   Republican voter suppression is un-American and unjustified and tends to bring back the “separate but equal” policies known as Jim Crow laws foisted upon the American people after the civil war and lasting until the 1960’s.  African-American voters have always faced significant obstacles in their efforts to vote.  For example, in the South, African-American voters have been required to guess the number of beans or other objects in a jar next to the voting booth before they were allowed to vote.  None ever got the number right, and none were allowed to vote.  Voter ID laws are an embarrassment to the Republican Party and to Americans as a whole.

You may ask why the Republicans need to enact these new laws that restrict the ability of American citizens to vote?  It is really simple.  These days, the Republican Party will not consistently gain the majority of votes in local and national elections without keeping a portion of the people who totally reject their policies from expressing their political will.  In other words, they can’t win unless they restrict the vote!   “If you don’t like our policies, we won’t let you vote!”

It has been estimated that 25% of African-American voters in the country do not have the type of identification that allows them to cast their vote.  18% of voters over the age of 65 do not have allowable identification.  15% of voters with incomes under $35,000 also fall into this category.  Do you honestly believe that Republicans are ignorant enough to make these efforts without knowing that they will be effective?  In the words of that famous ex-NFL political operative, Chad Ochocinco…”Child Please!”

The Secretary of State in Florida threw over 8,000 voters off of their voter registration roles prior to the 2000 election.  The justification used was that these individuals had  similar names to over 8,000 individuals convicted of felonies in Texas.  Never mind that these were not the same individuals.  Never mind that even if they were, they had served their time and thus earned the right to cast their ballot.  The reason that they were removed is that it was determined that a large majority of them would not vote for Republican candidates.   If you won’t vote the way we want, you can’t vote.”  Indeed, un-American.

“We don’t care if you don’t like our policy because we are not going to let you vote anyway!”

Voter suppression efforts of the Republican Party affect those aligned with the Democrat party disproportionally.  If it didn’t, they would not make the effort.  Remember the “Acorn” issues before the last election?  Remember all of the bluster and garbage the Republicans made over the efforts of “Acorn” to register voters?  Here is an inconvenient fact:  The Acorn organization was not guilty of voter fraud and there has been not one provable incidence of voter fraud in any jurisdiction attributed to illegal Acorn actions.  They use a classic Republican tactic:  Accuse the Democrats of that which you are guilty of.

“Anyone can get identification that allows them to cast their vote”

If this were true, the Republicans would not waste their time by making the effort.  A disproportionate number of poor, elderly, and minority voters, have limited ability to obtain the types of identification required by voter ID laws.

There are those that argue that the complaint about voter ID laws is really an argument without validity, a tempest in a teapot.  Is that the case?  It has been estimated that voter ID laws could legitimately restrict voting activity in 10% of Florida’s eligible voters.  Mitt Romney has little chance to win the election without a victory in Florida.  I find it comical that a State that has proven inability to provide accurate vote totals, can make the claim that their voter ID laws are necessary.

In Pennsylvania, restrictive voter ID laws have been passed recently.  A well-known Pennsylvania, Mike Turzai, leader of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives was recently recorded making a speech to his constituents where he proclaimed that the recently enacted voter ID law in Pennsylvania guaranteed a Romney win in the state.  His boastful claim in front of his constituents illuminated the real reason for the Republican effort to pass the law.  It was, and is, perfectly clear, that Republicans believe voter ID laws will restrict Democratic voters from voting and thus give the Republicans the majority of votes.  There are no legitimate reasons for voter ID laws in any State in the United States.  Yet many States with Republican-controlled legislatures have passed these laws in a transparent effort to thwart the will of the electorate.  Take a look at this map of the United States illustrating this very point.

Voter ID Laws Map

Voter ID laws are totally unnecessary, and are nothing more than an effort to restrict people from voting in ways that hurt the Republican Party.  Plain and simple, they are examples of voter suppression that are consistent with past Republican tactics.  (Such as a robocall campaign to identified Democratic voters on election day urging them not to go to the polls that day because the Democrats had already won the vote and there their vote was not required!)   These tactics are un-American, and contrary to Republican claims that they are the party that represents freedom, the Constitution, and the “real  American people”.  In fact, the Republicans are exhibiting attitudes and tactics that are provably more in line with ideals that are absolutely contrary to their oft-stated political ideals and more suited to the ideals of the very countries and regimes that, even now, they urge the country to go to war against.

Voter suppression activities of those who identify with the Republican Party are a significant reason not to trust them with your vote.  They are an example of another reason many Americans will not vote for Republican candidates.  We can’t, and will not trust any candidate who identifies with efforts to restrict certain groups of Americans from expressing their political will.  The claim that in-person voter fraud is occurring in any measurable way in our elections is at best, a fraudulent claim.  Its’ use is contrary to the very ideals claimed by the individuals who support it.  In other words, it’s hypocrisy.

Here is a link to a terrific article written by a former Republican in Chicago about the events that brought him to the point where he realized that voter ID laws disproportionately affected minority and were, by defination, racist.

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  1. I am curious, what are the requirements for Voter Identificatoin being proposed by the Republicans? What are the current requirements in those states that are utilizing the Voter ID program?

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