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Predictions 1 – The Presidential Race

People have been asking me what my predicitions will be for the Presidential race.  All we have to go on for data on where the electorate stands is polling data.  My predictions are based upon data taken from individual battleground states in their last 10 polls.  Most of the polls were taken in November, but a few were in Late October.  My prediction is based entirely on polling data without trying to inject any of my own personal bias.  The accuracy of polls is, of course, assuming that the polls themselves eliminate bias.

My Prediction –  Obama 294 electoral votes, Romney 244 electoral votes.

Obama Toss Up States victories predicted in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Virginia, Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Nevada

Romney Toss Up State victories predicted in North Carolina, Florida and Colorado (Though the polls slightly favor Obama in Colorado at this point)

For details of the poll data and how that influences my predictions click on the following link: Swing State Predictions


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