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Eight Reasons Were Enough For Me!

For the past month or so I spent a great deal of time writing down my thoughts in regard to the reasons that I and others could not vote for Republican candidates in this election cycle.  Now that the election is over, its time to take a hard look at the reasons I had, and whether or not the Obama victory in any way reduced my fears over the very reasons I voted in the way I did.

Reason #1 – The Republican Party has evolved from the party that worked diligently to conserve the environment to one that does its best to insure its destruction.

Nothing is going to change in regard t the Republican Party’s stance on environmental issues.  Hopefully in this second term, Obama will have the courage to work together to come up with legislation that will make a positive impact on the environment.  A Republican victory would have guaranteed that their “job killing regulation” garbage would have continued and the environment would have paid the price.

Reason #2 – Replacing the current Democratic Administration with a Republican Administration significantly increases the probability of a return to the “enhanced interrogation” policies ushered in by the Bush Administration.

Since Mitt Romney basically said that he would institute “enhanced” interrogation, the fact that he is not in office lessens the chances of the return to the ineffective use of torture to gain information that is at best sketchy and at worst false.  Since information obtained by torture techniques is basically unusable in a court of law, there is less chance that trials of terrorists will be unsuccesful because of information obtained illegally.

Reason #3 –The Possibility Of A Return To Neocon-Influenced Foreign Policy.

Neocon influence on the Obama Administration is marginalized and will not be a factor in foreign policy decisions.  Obama’s victory guarantees that the Neocons will spend at least 8 years in exile.  This does not in any way preclude the fact that their ideology will return in the future.  For now, their influence is negated.

Reason #4 – Republican Voter Suppression Is Real, And Is, At Its’ Core, Un-American

The President won the popular vote by about 2.8 million votes.  There is no real data out there yet as to the number of individuals who were denied their legal right to vote because of the actions of Republican Governors and legislators.  All you have to do is to look at the lack of results in Florida to see that their voter suppression efforts impacted the electoral process.  Seven hour waits to vote are ridiculous.  Governor Rick Scotts’ reduction in early voting in Florida impacted the election.  Once again, the State of Florida looks moronic.  Can anyone in Florida count past 5 or 10?  It surely doesn’t look like it.  Republicans will continue their voter suppression efforts even though they failed in their objective during this election cycle.

Reason #5 – Republican political figures exhibit a significant “anti-science” attitude that leads to policy implementation that is uninformed and imperils both the environment of the planet and the welfare of those who live on it.

Until Republicans are removed from key positions on committees that are informed by the processes and data of science, they will continue with their uniformed, ignorant, and destructive attitudes and the people of the country will suffer because of it.  Until the House of Representatives contains a Democratic majority, those who deny the contributions of legitimate science to the public policy debate will continue their denial of scientific fact.

Reason #6 – Republican Obstructionism

Democratic gains in the House of Representatives and Senate are not sufficient to overcome the obstruction that has become the hallmark of Republican legislative effort.  There is some noise out there today about Harry Reid letting the Republicans know that the majority in the Senate will not be pushed around.  Truth is, without filabuster reform, Republicans can continue their obstructionism.  I think many voters were turned off by their stated obstructive processes, but I am not sure that they are intelligent enough to make the decision to give up their efforts.  A good indication of what the voters think about Congress is to take a look at their job approval rating.

On another note, Mitch McConnells stated goal of doing whatever it took to make sure Obama was a one term President failed.  I don’t have much faith that things will change in that regard.  However, it was a very good night for us last night and I wanted to call Mitch up and say “scoreboard baby, you are a complete failure”.

Reason 7 – Romney’s statements over the years make it completely impossible to have any legitimate understanding of where he stands on the issues.

It doesn’t matter, he is no longer on the political scene.  His flip-flops made an impression on voters.  The extent to which they contributed to his 2.8 million vote loss is probably not discernible.

Reason #8 – Putting more Republicans in office will contribute to continued lack of action on climate change.

The real question here is whether or not the Obama Administration has the political will to even bring this up.  Big storm hits New York and New Jersey, everyone is talking about it.  Hurricane hits the Republican Party on election night, will anyone be talking about it now?  Obviously having a Democrat serving as President makes it more likely, but I don’t have a lot of faith in the Democrats convictions in regard to the most important environmental issue of our lifetime.  Time will tell.  However every day they wait, the problem gets harder to solve.

So there you have it.  My reasons for voting Democratic.  Notice that I did not bring up any of the real “hot button” issues to justify my vote.  Issues like womens rights, minority rights, tax fairness, the Supreme Court, and health care etc. are important.  However, I am not your typical Independant voter.  Other things grabbed my attention this time. 

Your comments are always welcome.  Would love to hear why you did, or did not vote Democratic in this election.


One Response to “Eight Reasons Were Enough For Me!”

  1. Very well thought out comments; I have to admit that I agree with you on all 8 points. However, until the Party refuses to be the “anti”party (anti-environment, anti-science, anti-compromise) it will not win National elections- simply because they scare the rest of us.

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