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So What Are Some Of The Reasons That People Want Voter ID Laws To Take Affect?

Is voter fraud really a problem in our elections?  If voter fraud is a problem, has it had any role in electing individuals to office?  Why is it that Republicans stress the importance of voter id laws and Democrats are against them?

If you listen to a Republican touting the importance of voter ID laws you tend to see trends in their comments.  Here are some comments that I have found online in “comments” sections of online articles this morning:

“We debate whether it’s better to allow a dirty foreigner to vote or deprive a grandmother her right to vote…..”

“I believe many in the Republican Party want voter ID laws because they believe it important only living, legal-age, legally-allowed (depending on state laws regarding felons and that sort of thing) citizens vote and each one votes only once.”

“Why are Dems so scared of the possibility of a fair election?”

“Why are the Regressive Liberal Democrats against anything that ensures integrity.”

“it’s the right thing to do, up yours NAACP”

“How many times a day are we requested to show ID? You cannot board a plane without showing ID- are airlines being sued? Now to buy cold medication and even nail polish remover you need to show ID. The ones who cry out racism and law suits are most likely the ones who are not American citizens.”

“Keep illegals out of the polls…”

“Boo hoo. You just want all the illegal democrats votes. You don’t care about their well being, keep them down but keep them voting.”

Realize first of all, that the comments I provided are not in any way a scientific representation of all of the comments out there these days regarding voter id laws.   That being said, these comments are actual comments from concerned citizens regarding our voting process.   There are definitely some trends here that we should take a look at.

  1. There are citizens out there who believe that minority individuals who have migrated to this country illegally are actively involved in providing Democratic votes in our elections.
  2. There are citizens out there who believe voter ID laws will ensure the integrity of our elections.
  3. There are citizens out there who believe past elections have not been fair and that is the reason why they lost.
  4. There are citizens out there who believe votes are being cast in the name of dead individuals.
  5. There are citizens out there who believe underage voters are voting.
  6. There are citizens out there that believe people are voting twice or more.
  7. There are citizens out there that believe convicted felons are voting when they don’t have the right to vote.

There can be no doubt that a portion of our electorate believes that illegal votes are being counted and that these votes have swung elections towards Democratic candidates.  There is also no doubt that there is a significant portion of the electorate that believe that “illegals” are voting in our elections and swinging elections toward Democratic candidates.  You will have to decide whether or not you think that negative feelings towards individuals who are of a different race is contributing towards these comments.

The right to vote is one of our most important privileges and responsibilities.   As we draw nearer to the next mid-term elections in 2014 this is a battle that will be waged on many fronts.  Are there facts that support the positions of those whose comments I illustrated today?   Look for more posts regarding voter id laws in the coming days and weeks.  This is a discussion worth having.


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