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 This just in!  The Government of the United States has been under attack for quite some time now and the origins of the attack are becoming clearer by the day.  Billions of dollars have been spent over the years in attempts to keep attacks from sources outside of our country from destroying us.   Hard-working, diligent people in all of our branches of military service and clandestine services have sacrificed their time, and their lives to keep this country strong and ward off those who would attempt to destroy us.  It seems as if, in this case, efforts should have been made to protect us from those who live among us whose self-centered personal goals put them in a position where they can influence others to perform actions that do harm to us all.

Our political system has been hijacked from within and the country is paying a steep price for a lack of diligence.  The hijacking of the American political system is a serious event that has long-lasting repercussions.  Some of us saw it coming and were fearful.  Others saw it coming and were overjoyed by the prospects.  Others saw it coming and were too afraid to stand up against it.

Our political system has been hijacked by a missile that has very definite destructive characteristics.  It is these characteristics that make this weapon so deadly to the very government of our union.   Here are just a few of the characteristics that many of us have observed in the past year or so.

We have elected individuals whose actions are geared towards re-election at the expense of governing the nation and expressing the will of the people.

Once in a position of power, our elected officials spend a very large portion of their time raising funds that are used to keep them in power.  The collective will of the people is made subject to corporations and individuals with immense financial backing.  Those who serve us, no longer serve us.  They serve those who keep them in power.

It has become almost impossible to get rid of elected officials.

A very large percentage of the House of Representatives are elected in gerrymandered political districts that are absolutely designed to keep them in power.  Many districts have been set up with abnormally high percentages of one political party and as such, there is very little threat that their elected representative will ever lose an election in a district tailored to keep them in power.

“The will of the American people” is an oft-used quote that is rarely accurate.

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a political representative state that they are voting or acting in a certain way because it is the “will of the American people.”  Justifying political behavior on such garbage is politically expedient and intellectually dishonest.   Let me give you some examples.   I can pretty much say without fear of being incorrect that it is the “will of the American people” that our government should protect us from harm from countries or groups that would do us harm.  That is pretty much a 100% certainty.  However, when we hear our representatives say that the American people want the Affordable Care Act overturned you can rest assured that they are overstating that will for the purpose of making a political point.  First of all, the statement is a lie.   The American people do not want the Affordable Care Act overturned.  True enough, a portion of the American people want it overturned, but there is an equal number that do not want it overturned.  Stating that the American people want a given outcome is ignorant on its face.   Is anyone else as tired of this garbage coming from the mouths of both sides of the political spectrum?

Are our political leaders so ignorant that they don’t know the difference between the “will of the American people” and “the will of those who will keep me in power”?   Or could it be that they think those of us who put them in power are ignorant?  (If you doubt the ignorance of the electorate I call attention to a recent video I viewed where individuals where asked whether or not they would chose the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare.  None of them knew that they were one and the same thing.  (Most commented that the Affordable Care Act was much better).  Ignorance indeed.

There are those in power who do not believe that elections have consequences.

The Affordable Care Act is here to stay.  Those who claim they can repeal, or defund it in this political environment are feeding you a load of garbage.  Attempts to do so (over 40 worthless votes in the House of Representatives) are nothing more than a political stunt without any chance of accomplishing the stated goal.  The sad thing is that a fairly significant percentage of the American people actually believe it can be done.  Those “true believers” in the Constitution are depending upon actions that are not possible because of the very Constitution they believe in.

Elections have consequences.  The political environment as of this date is one of “split” government.  Democrats control the Presidency and the Senate.  Republicans control the House of Representatives.   There are not enough votes for Republicans in either house to overcome the actions of Democrats without there being “defectors” from the Democrats.  The Presidency was one by a Democrat with a 5 million vote advantage over his Republican rival.  The Democrat campaigned on moving forward with the Affordable Care Act.  The Republican campaigned on the repeal of the same act.  The Democrat won, the people spoke.  Even the Supreme Court has spoken on the issue. The Republican lost, and his party is now beholding to individuals trumpeting sound and fury signifying nothing of consequence.

Now we have a very small group of elected Republicans who have made every effort to overcome the results of the election.  Make no mistake.  Attempts to repeal of the Affordable Care Act in this political environment are contrary to the collective will of the American electorate.  As such, these efforts reject very Constitution they claim to love.

I suggest that those whose desire it is to repeal the Affordable Care Act figure out a way to win control of the Senate and the Presidency.  Only then will they be successful.  Minority parties, while representative of many individuals, are not representative of the overall electorate.

The Republican Party Is Unrecognizable And Has Been Hijacked By A Small, Vocal Group Whose Actions Have Terrified Other Republicans In Power.

The Speaker of the House has allowed this small group to hijack the Republican Party and the rest of the country is paying a steep price for it.  Only time will tell if he is able to remain in his exalted position as Speaker.  He has voiced significant concerns but at this point has done nothing that will get control of this small faction of individuals who threaten to remove him from power.   Now we are back to my original statements.  “Those who serve us, no longer serve us.  They serve those who keep them in power.”   Who is the Speaker of the House serving?  The view from this window indicates that he is serving himself at the expense of the rest of his party.

Ted Cruz Represents The Will of His Political Base Very Well, Without Regard To Anything But His Own Self-Serving Interests.

I am absolutely sure that Senator Cruz is expressing the will of a majority of those who elected him.  However, his actions over the last month or so have led his national party over the edge of a cliff of his own making.  The country is paying a price for it.  For the most part, he has convinced other political leaders to attempt to do something that is politically impossible in our current political environment.  We are beginning to see statements from other Republicans denouncing his efforts, attitude, and political expertise.  His efforts are failing miserably and every day more our political leaders veer off the path that leads towards the cliff.

I have some major questions regarding the efforts of Senator Cruz:

  1.  If he is so intelligent as he and others claim, why did he lead so many of his party astray on this issue?
  2. Could it be he is only trying to garner a name for himself and prepare the country for the Cruz Missile that would be his Presidential run in the future?
  3.  What is the reason that others followed his lead in this issue?
  4. Could it be that they fear losing power if they don’t follow him?

The heart of our government has been struck by an out-of-control missile that has left a lot of damage.  It is obvious that the American electorate is fed up with the behavior of members of both Houses of Congress as is attested by their 10% approval rating.   Our government is now stuck in a pattern of governing from self-inflicted crisis to self-inflicted crisis.   The most infuriating part of this is that a small group within the government believes that this is the way to express the will of the people.

The will of the people is being suppressed by the weight of the desire to remain in power.



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