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Before I start, I have an admission.   I don’t have a degree in political science.  My degree’s are in the field of science where I was taught to look at evidence, sometimes called data to see where it leads.  That being said, 62 years of living has brought with it, the ability to observe and make reasonable conclusions from what I see.

All of the political events we have been exposed to for the past year have brought me to the following conclusion and a few predictions.   First, and foremost, Donald Trump is not the savior of the political right wing.  I don’t necessarily blame someone to believing that he is based upon the way he mowed down his adversaries in the battle to win the Republican nomination for President of the United States. I think it said more about the qualities of his adversaries than it does about him.  Second,  if Donald Trump is nominated at the upcoming Republican Convention, it is my belief that he will receive a major drubbing at the polls in November.

However, it is not the purpose of this post to drag Trump through the mud.   That being said, the election of Hillary Clinton will bring back the scandal machine that we experienced during the Bill Clinton administration.  It is that scandal machine that I want to call your attention to.

During his time in office, Bill Clinton, and his wife, faced a continuous barrage of scandalous press releases and accusations no President of the United States has had to endure.   If and when Hillary Clinton is elected, the rejuvenated scandal machine will put on a barrage that makes their previous efforts pale in comparison.  There will be two reasons this will be so.  The first is that she is a Clinton.  That fact alone will cause right wing meltdowns from the day of the election until she leaves office.  The second is that she is a woman.  The factions are already lining up and preparing their ammunition for the battle.  Don’t kid yourself, it is a battle.  It is a battle that is designed to limit her effectiveness and destroy her Presidency.   If you think it was bad during President Obama’s Administration you haven’t seen anything yet.

When the Clinton’s arrived in Washington, salvo after salvo was launched in an effort to undermine his Presidency.  In the minds of right wing political operatives, he was an outsider, ignorant in the ways of Washington, and not qualified to be President.  It has been said that the Clinton’s were the poorest Presidential family to ever gain the Whitehouse.  They were outsiders, from a very poor Southern State and they did not qualify to be there.   Those that were considered the rulers of Washington society completely rejected them until they left the scene.  They were not accepted by the “ruling class” in our nation’s capital.

That was all it took to engage the scandal machine in Washington and the rest of the country.   In future posts I will address some of the Clinton “scandals” as to their origins, their coverage in the press, the investigations that created havoc in Washington, and lastly, the evidence that was uncovered that was basically ignored by the nation.

First up, will be Whitewater and the firestorm and dumpster fire it became.   I guarantee you, the Whitewater scandal will be mentioned over and over during the campaign.  It has been, and will forever be, one of the main salvo’s against the Clinton’s.  Be ready for it….it is going to return very soon.  If you are going to be exposed to Whitewater again, as one who is deciding who to vote for, one needs to know the nature of that scandal and the outcomes of the millions of dollars spent on investigating it.



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