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I just found out from that pillar of all that is truth, that indeed Barack Obama was born in the United States.  After almost eight years in office, what a relief it is to discover that Obama met the qualifications for seeking the Presidency of the United States.  I can now rest assured that the past 8 years were legitimate.  Imagine my relief!

Let’s talk about the reality of the movement largely created and energized by the words and actions of Donald Trump.  First, and foremost, there was never any doubt that Obama was born in the United States.  The effort to delegitimize the Obama Presidency was nothing more than a personal attack designed to undermine his efforts as President.  There was never any “there, there” and yet, people who knew better continued their ignorant and incessant claims that lingered throughout his two terms in office.

I am no fan of conspiracy theories or theorists.  I have always felt it took a special lack of intelligence and honor to propagate that which has no relationship to the truth.   To persuade like-minded individuals to rally with their conspiracy-driven brothers and sisters is a special act of cowardice reserved for individuals to whom truth and fairness are not part of their DNA.

Donald Trump is King among this group.  His role as King Conspirator immediately qualifies any utterance from his conspiracy-driven soul to the trash heap of ignorant ideas and provably false dribble.  Yet, a fairly considerable number of individuals in the United States support his efforts to gain the Presidency.  Many of them will refuse to believe his terse claim made today that Obama was born in the United States.

Imagine the relief felt in the State of Hawaii.  Now they can rest assured that their State is actually one of the 50 States comprising our country.   That is no small deal.

There are three possible scenarios for why the Donald spread this ignorant dribble.

  1. The first is that he actually believed it.  That alone disqualifies him from serving in any public office, let alone the Presidency of the United States. One who believes ideas and utterances that have been soundly refuted by fact is living in a world of their own making that very few relate to.  It takes a special lack of inquisitiveness to believe that which is provably false.  Yet thousands believe.
  2. The second is that he knew that his ignorant claims would find fertile ground in a rather large group of individuals that might one day propel him to become the Republican nominee for President of the United States. You see, any Republican worth his salt could never agree to an Obama Presidency.  It is against their political DNA.  Imagine the horror experienced in the bowels of the Republican Party when they come to realize that they could not find a candidate to defeat the first African-American candidate from their rival party.  In fact, it happened twice.  The embarrassment is palpable.
  3. The third is that he knew his ignorant claims would draw attention to himself and thus get the opportunity to revel in the spotlight created by his efforts. There is nothing more appealing to Donald Trump than the affections of those who believe in him.

The utterances of Donald Trump today regarding the birthplace of Barack Obama have completely pulled the rug out from underneath a huge number of his followers whose support he is counting on.  They believe in him.  They trust him.  They want to support him.  Now they discover that he has been lying to them for 8 years.  Imagine my relief.   However, you can count on one very disturbing result.   It will not make a difference in their support.

Remember, they still have that “Obama is a Muslim” fact to base their support on.  Trump couldn’t possibly change his stance on this one could he?  Possibly they could count on the “Clinton Death Squad” theory.  Maybe they could hang their allegiance to the “Vince Foster Was Murdered” scenario.  Better yet, let’s focus on the “Whitewater Affair”.    If all of those fall to the wayside, their best bet will be that Hillary is suffering from some kind of physical ailment that makes her behave incoherently and irrationally.   “It’s true, I saw it on Fox News!”   Isn’t that the same place they learned about Obama being born in Africa?

What does it say about one’s base of political support that requires belief in provably false ideas and statements?   It says that they believe their nominee is qualified to be President of the United States.

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