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This is the first in a series of blog posts that explains my reasoning behind my refusal to vote for Donald Trump.  At this point I have eleven main reasons, but honestly, I could have come up with more.

Reason #11 – Donald Trumps Experiences Do Not Qualify Him For The Highest Office In The Land

Let me get this straight.  Donald Trump wants to be President of the United States, the most powerful position on the planet.  He expects me to vote for a complete novice at all things political whether they be related to domestic policy or foreign policy.  He expects me to trust that his business career has prepared him for the highest office in the land.  At this point, I will not discuss his other qualifications or lack thereof; however, this one is both amusing and confusing to me.

I am amused because I have followed politics pretty heavily since 1972 when I was among the first 18 year old Americans to vote in a Presidential election.  At times I have agreed with the man sitting at the desk of the oval office.  At times I have disagreed.  But the point is this.  All of the men that sat at that desk had some semblance of experience that prepared them to do the job.  Obama served in Congress.  George W. Bush was Governor of Texas.  Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas.  George H.W. Bush was head of the C.I.A. among other things.  Ronald Reagan was Governor of California.  All served the country in one way or another prior to taking office.  Donald Trump has never served the country.  In fact, he has never served anyone but himself.  Serving others is completely foreign to Donald.

The experience of running a business, while an important endeavor, does not prepare one to run the most powerful country on the planet.  Business acumen or lack thereof, is not a legitimate qualifier for this position.  The government is not run like a business.  There are built in checks and balances to the power of the Presidency afforded by the Constitution of the United States.  In Trump’s businesses, he has all the power and all of the decisions are his alone.

Trump has never commanded anything close to the Armed Forces of the United States.  He has never dealt with Congress other than making contributions to members who he felt would treat him and his business interests positively.  He has never dealt with the Supreme Court unless one of his thousands of business and personal lawsuits has reached that hallowed hall.

The civil servants that make up the government outnumber political appointees by about 1000 to 1.  Donald can fire his political appointees.  He can’t fire civil servants.  The complete control he enjoys over his business interests is not what he would find if he serves as President.  He has never served in any political position, and in fact, has a questionable record as to whether he served anyone but himself during his entire life.   Yet, he wants me to give him the keys to the Whitehouse.   I think not.

I am somewhat confused by his request for my vote.  Does he think so little of my reasoning powers to suggest that I forego all rational thought processes and go against my basic instincts and vote for him?  Does he think that the way he talks, and acts, will somehow overcome my ability to discern his utter lack of qualification for the job?  Does he think that so little of the American electorate that he believes that their desire for a “change candidate” will overcome their ability to discern that he is the least qualified individual ever to be nominated by a major political party?

Obviously he does, and obviously it has worked up to this point.  That is the scariest part of this race for the Presidency.  Does the majority of the American electorate really have such a low opinion of the Office of the President that they will completely ignore the obvious and cast their vote for a complete novice?  Obviously, he believes they do.

You are always welcome to comment on my posts.  They are meant to stimulate dialogue.  Whether you agree or disagree, your reasoned comments are always welcome.

Look for my next post in this series.  It will deal with the fact that so many highly qualified Conservatives completely reject the Trump candidacy.




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