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Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving!

As much as his supporters would like to prove otherwise, it is painfully obvious that he is “that guy”.   We all know the type.  We have seen him many times over our lifetime.  Words do not adequately describe his behavior or the sense of entitlement that fosters it.   The hard truth is that Donald Trump is a man that believes that women were placed on this planet to serve him.

There is no disinfectant for contact with this type of man.  There is no way to explain away the thought processes within him that are at the core of his beliefs.  He is repugnant.  He is disgusting.  He is demeaning to the human condition.  He is a nightmare of a human being.   Contact with him, or his words, requires the one to burn their clothes and take a bath in the hopes of washing the stench off.  Unfortunately, there is no cure for contact with him.  Once infected, always affected.

I am amazed at the early attempts to justify his lewd and demeaning comments about women.   Those who dismiss his comments immediately claim that Hillary Clinton is every bit as bad a human being because she is married to whom she is married to as if that somehow justifies their support for this dumpster fire of a candidate.   Basically, the comments flow along the following lines:  “What he had said is bad but I can still support him because Hillary is married to Bill”.   Let me say this for the record.  If you can still support Trump after hearing his latest remarks, there is a distinct possibility that you have a complete lack of understanding as to what those remarks indicate about him.

Explain that to your sons and daughters.  Explain that to your wife.  Explain that to your mom or your dad.  Explain that to your secretary or any other woman that you come in contact with.

One other possibility for supporting him is that your core ideological beliefs outweigh any supposed spiritual enlightenment that you have received as you travel down the highways and byways of your life.  To some, that statement may seem harsh.  The truth is not always pretty.   If you claim to be a person with spiritual values, dismissing the obvious truths about the man you support to be the leader of the free world, is proof that said values take second place when it comes to evaluating an individuals’ qualifications for the Presidency of the United States.   If that is the case, what you are saying is that your political beliefs trump your spiritual beliefs.

Any evaluation of the Republican political machine at this point in the race has to take into account the fact that the ship is sinking and those who have remained on it through this journey are jumping off at a rapid pace.  Republican politicians are coming to the conclusion that remaining in support of the Trump candidacy will affect their own political careers.  Once infected, always affected.  Politically speaking, remaining with Trump after these latest revelations of his character as a human being will damage their standing with the people they serve.

There are those who think he should terminate his candidacy immediately.  After a fairly strong performance in the Vice Presidential debate, Mike Pence kicked reporters out of the room and refused to answer questions about his running mate.   I have a suggestion for Mr. Pence.   Terminate your candidacy.   Staying on this sinking ship will forever scar any attempt at future candidacy.  Terminating your candidacy in the face of these latest revelations will do more for your future political life than any other action.   Standing up to Trump at this point in time will absolutely solidify your position within the Republican Party.  This ship is not going to float much longer.  There is no justification for staying on a ship that will be at the bottom of the political ocean soon.  Is your loyalty to a specific person or is it to those whose political beliefs match yours?

There is one other observation to be made here.   It is not lost on me that Donald Trump is going to be described as the one person in the history of the United States that was defeated in a battle for the Presidency by a woman.  There is something satisfying to me in that eventuality.  A man, who has spent his life with the belief that woman are placed on the planet to serve his needs, is going to live the rest of his life knowing that a member of the group placed on earth to serve him has completely destroyed his dreams.   Destruction of his dreams is the payback for a life lived with a sense of entitlement.  It is only fitting that the dreams of leadership of the free world were destroyed by a member of a group of people that he has disrespected and marginalized for most of his life.

One of the quotes that was revealed yesterday was when Donald Trump said of a married woman “I moved on her like a bitch”.    No Donald, payback is a bitch.



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