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After a while, one just has to wonder if Donald Trump really believes what he says. Is every word out of his mouth designed to stimulate a certain portion of the electorate that he believes will propel him to become the leader of the free world?  Sometimes I have a hard time believing he is stating his beliefs.   If he really believes what he is saying, it is not hard to make the argument that he is the least qualified nominee for President in our lifetime and maybe in the history of the Republic.

Trump on Torture

Back in February of this year, Trump made the following statement:  “Torture works. OK, folks? You know, I have these guys—”Torture doesn’t work!”—believe me, it works. And waterboarding is your minor form. Some people say it’s not actually torture. Let’s assume it is. But they asked me the question: What do you think of waterboarding? Absolutely fine. But we should go much stronger than waterboarding

 There has been no evidence that information gained during “enhanced interrogation” as practiced by the CIA during the past decade or so has resulted in gaining truthful information.  In fact, the information gained during these sessions has been shown to be reliably false and nothing more than an attempt to say what the victim of torture thinks his torturers wanted to hear.

In 2014, the  Senate Select Committee on Intelligence said: “The CIA’s use of its enhanced interrogation techniques was not an effective means of acquiring intelligence or gaining cooperation from detainees.” The report, released in 2014, adds, “The CIA’s justification for the use of its enhanced interrogation techniques rested on inaccurate claims of their effectiveness.”

Those who have studied the effects of torture have shown that it doesn’t work, and in fact is counterproductive, resulting in false information.   Since the point of the interrogation is to gain information, using techniques that provide false information while staining the integrity of the United States worldwide is counterproductive to everything we believe in about the nature of our country.

Note – In a letter to the Wall Street Journal, Trump has disavowed his previous statements on waterboarding, stating that he would not require members of the armed forces to do anything that was against the law.  That being said, this is just one instance of him saying something to make himself appear tougher than his opponent that backfired on him causing him to flip-flop on the issue.


  Trump on War

In November 2015 Trump made the following comment at one of his rallys.  “”I love war, in a certain way.”  He also commented that he  “knows more about ISIS than the generals do” and calling “nuclear, the power, the devastation … very important to me.”

I find it interesting that a man who has never served in the military, never experienced the horror that is war, would make a comment like that.  I also find it interesting that a man such as this has recently made a comment indicating that our soldiers who are suffering the effects of PTSD were basically to weak to overcome the effects of war.

Anyone who has served in combat, or who knows someone who has served undoubtedly knows the ignorance of the “I Love War” comment.   But then, ignorance does tend to be visited quite often during his rally’s.

Khan family

Trump on Nuclear Weapons     

Trumps own comments about Nuclear Weapons are fairly easy to find.  Here are some of the more interesting ones:

  • Trump said he might use nuclear weapons and questioned why we would make them if we wouldn’t use them.
  • Trump said he was open to nuking Europe because it’s a “big place”
  • Trump said that “you want to be unpredictable” with nuclear weapons
  • Trump said he wasn’t that worried about more countries getting nukes since “it’s not like, gee whiz, nobody has them”
  • Trump had no idea what the “nuclear triad” was.
  • Trump started talking about nuclear weapons in Pakistan and made no sense at all
  • Trump said he’d be OK with a nuclear arms race in Asia
  • He said it didn’t matter if Saudi Arabia acquired nuclear weapons because “it’s going to happen anyway”


Trumps supporters tend to discount these statements as irrelevant.  That being said, it is obvious that Donald Trump has no idea of the devastation that would occur on the planet should he unleash the country’s nuclear arsenal or allow others to gain one.   That kind of ignorance has consequences, ones that tend to be lost on his supporters.

Trumps stances on torture, war, and nuclear weapons illustrate, once again, the complete lack of knowledge on the issues and a complete disregard for the qualifications required to be the leader of the free world.




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