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A question that always seems to guide my thinking in regard to all things political is whether or not the individual has earned my trust.  Here are some relevant questions regarding the “trust issue” as it pertains to any given political candidate.

  • Has the candidate done anything to earn my trust?
  • Has the candidate done anything that would cause me not to trust him or her?
  • Does the candidate have a history of saying only what their political base wants to hear?
  • Can the candidates statements be verified as true?

Unfortunately, this years’ election features two candidates that are perceived (rightly or wrongly) as individuals who do not tell the truth.   In that regard, this election has become a choice between the lesser of two evils in the minds of many.

I have always recoiled from individuals who use the “trust me” verbal tactic when trying to prove their point.  In that regard Donald Trump is the “King of the Trust Me, I Know More” candidates.  Let me give you two examples of how Donald has tried and failed to convince the American Electorate of his worthiness.

“Trust Me, I Know More Than The Generals”

I am trying to figure out where Donald developed the knowledge of warfare, military intelligence, and military tactics.   He didn’t serve in the military.  He did however get sent to a military school by his parents because of his basic lack of discipline.  Did he somehow learn about how to defeat ISIS back in his military school days?  You and I know the answer to that question.   What I can’t figure out is why he thinks we should trust that he knows anything about the military.  He is so ignorant of the basic tenants of the military that he believes he can get them do obey illegal orders just because he would be President.   That being said, there are thousands of people who attend his political rally’s that must believe him when he says he knows more than the professional military’s top commanders.  You will excuse me if I just go ahead and use my own sense of intelligence and reasoning to reject his claim of mental superiority over career military commanders who have been in combat and have served this nation with pride.  His statement is an insult to those who have served and are serving.

“Trust Me, No One Respects Women More Than I Do”

I have heard this repeated over and over by a man whose basic attitude towards women is that they are placed in his world to be used as he desires.  Trump’s claims that every single one of the twelve women who have reported his physical and mental assaults on them is not believable and never will be.   Now he is saying that every single one of them will soon be joining that not so exclusive club of individuals he is suing, or going to sue.   If you think Donald Trump is going to sue these women you need to take a hard look at what will happen to him if he does it.   Any lawsuit of this nature will require Donald to be deposed about every aspect of his personal sexual history.   Every statement made and recorded whether it be in a bus on the way to a meeting with a young actress or one of his boastful appearances on the Howard Stern show will be open to analysis by defense lawyers trained in the art of exposing truth.  Any defense lawyer with a brain wave would absolutely relish the opportunity to depose him.   It isn’t going to happen, and he knows we know it.   Yet, he makes that preposterous claim expecting that we should believe him because he is Donald Trump.

Developing trust in a person is not something that is done quickly.  Developing trust is a process.  The process usually involves observing what a person says and seeing if they are true to their word.  Donald Trumps behavior during this election contest is not something that allows me to develop a blind trust in him.  In fact, it occurs to me that he has told so many lies, and behaved in so many ways that are unacceptable, that the only trust a person could have in him would be blind trust.  Blind trust is not something I can use when deciding to support an individual for the most powerful leadership position on the planet.  I don’t trust him, and never will.


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