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I don’t think I am the only person in the country who is tired of politicians not speaking the truth.  It is as if candidates don’t believe we are intelligent enough to discern the difference between truth and falsehood.   Insulting my intelligence is not a great way to earn my vote.  In this election we are being subjected to an unusually high level of false statements.

Don’t believe what is being parroted in the media both candidates are spouting lies at about the same rate.  The media is spewing a “false equivalence” in regard to candidate truthfulness.   There is no comparison between the two.  Those who spend their time documenting the words of the candidates have shown that Donald Trump lies to us about four times as much as Hillary Clinton.  There is a massive imbalance in the frequency of dishonesty among our Presidential candidates.


According to one such study, Trump insults us with between 20 and 37 lies each day.  Another study shows that only 13% of the statements Donald made in a given time period were completely true.  In the same study it was shown that 71% of his statements were partially, substantially, or completely false.   In other words, about 3 out of every 4 words spoken were not truthful.  This from a man who calls his opponent “lying Hillary”.

One of the most amusing things about Donald’s lies is that he lies about his own past statements even though those statements are recorded on video.  It takes no real effort to expose his lies.  The false statements Trump is trying to get us to believe are not only given when speaking to his supporters at his rallies, he performed even worse during debates.   During one of the debates he uttered 104 false statements.  Clinton made 13 false statements during the same debate.

There are three possibilities that can explain the origins of false statements.   The first is that the person is lying.  The second is that he is confused.  The third is that he is unwilling to learn facts.  I would be hard pressed to deny that Trump doesn’t fit all three categories.

The individual who worked with Trump on his “Art of The Deal” book, spent hours and hours with him.  After spending literally hundreds of hours interviewing him, he made a statement that pretty much sums up Donald’s lying tendencies.  He said that he believes that Trump lies strategically.  In other words, the reason he lies is because he wants a certain outcome and he knows that stating the truth will not get him what he wants.  There can’t be a more personally damning feature of an individual’s fitness for any leadership position.

Basically, Donald Trump is a bullshit artist who has captured the hearts and minds of a large portion of the conservative electorate in this country.  The bullshit artist isn’t concerned with the truth and makes things up to suit his purpose.  In that respect, Donald Trump sits high on the list of individuals who have used these techniques to persuade.

Politicians result to bullshit when discussing topics they are not well versed in.  They do not care about facts.  If a fact doesn’t align with their message, they jettison the facts and spread their garbage hoping that people will believe them.

Mark Peter’s in his book Bullshit: A Lexicon, researched synonyms for bullshit dating back as far as the 1400’s.   One of the more amusing terms that he discovered was a word that was defined as describing insignificance or nonsense.   That word, used hundreds of years ago is the word TRUMPERY.  It is hard not to laugh when learning that fact.

I will state once again that any individual has the right to vote for Donald Trump.   However, such individuals do not have the right to claim that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump spew equal volumes of bullshit and lies as they seek the Presidency.  That claim is a perfect example of Trumpery.  A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for a bullshit artist, a liar like none other than we have seen in electoral politics.  I will not vote for an individual who thinks so little of my intelligence as to try to convince me that his positions are what are right for the country by lying about them to convince me.  He has convinced me that his Trumpery eliminates him from consideration.


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