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The President of the United States sits in a position of incredible responsibility in regard to decisions that must be made involving all branches of science.  Whether it is medical science research, climate science, or any other form of investigative research, the United States must lead the world in these areas.  Unfortunately, the Republican Party that was once known as a party of conservation and science has morphed into an unrecognizable entity that has done its’ absolute best to thwart the advancement of scientific research for years.

Any individual that doubts the Republican Party’s attacks on the field of science is ignorant of an easily discoverable truth.  The truth is, Republican attacks on science are significantly endangering our populations’ right to live a healthy existence free from the effects of corporate destruction of our environment.  Sadly, literally no time has been expended in this years’ Presidential contest discussing the role of science and medicine in maintaining the health and well-being of every day Americans.

That is not to say that this Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump do not have policy prescriptions relating to the advancement of science.   Trump, typically, espouses the Republican Party’s denouncement of regulations because of the effects that government regulation has on the corporate environment.  In the eyes of Republicans, environmental regulations stymie corporate growth and affect the bottom line of companies from coast to coast and beyond.  On his official website, Trump denounces “over regulation” of U.S. Companies.  To his credit he does mention that regulations that affect public safety should not be touched.  He also denounces Hillary Clinton’s plans to regulate oil, shale, and natural gas as “job-killing” efforts of intrusion by the government.   Part of his energy plan is to use untapped sources of shale, oil, and natural gas.  Generally speaking, Trump denounces any attempt to regulate the energy companies, allowing them to continue dumping CO2 into the atmosphere.

Trumps fundamental view of climate change is that it is a hoax.  He has pronounced global warming as a hoax, and bullshit using his favorite form of communication, his twitter account.  While he has denounced global warming as a candidate, as a businessman he has attempted to preempt the effects of global warming by building a sea wall on his Trump International Gold Links Ireland facility.  The permit for the wall cites the dangers of global warming regarding rising sea levels caused by global warming.  What does it say about an individual who works both sides of the issue depending upon whom he is talking to.  Trump wants to cancel the Paris Climate Agreement.

As one who has always been interested in the effects of pollution on the planet, and one who spent his college days earning a science degree, I will never, in good conscience cast my vote for a person who denies the reality and accuracy of climate research and who wants to unleash the energy companies to further pollute our rivers and our land.  There is no such thing as clean coal.  The coal industry is a dead-man-walking.  Anyone who doubts this isn’t facing the harsh reality that faces that industry.  To deny its’ role in polluting the planet is to further move the planet towards a polluted future.  The coal industry, with all of its horrible environmental problems, is going to be phased out over the next several decades.  Clean energy solutions are critical for the health of the planet and the health of those who walk on it.

Any candidate for any office who denies effects of dumping millions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere is at best scientifically challenged and more likely scientifically illiterate.  Qualification for the Presidency of the United States requires that one understand the importance of the processes of science and scientific research.  In that regard, Donald Trump has eliminated himself from consideration.   His claim that Global Warming Theory is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese tends to draw attention away from the real hoax that he has been perpetrating to his followers.  That would be the hoax that he is qualified to lead this nation from the White House.  The reality of that hoax will be destroyed on November 8th.



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