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I have kept pretty quiet about the recent election results.  My reason is that I feel that an event with this magnitude brings out a lot of anger and hate from the losing side and I didn’t want to feed that through my posts.   That being said, after time to absorb what actually took place, it is time for me to express my thoughts regarding the coming Trump Presidency.

Trump is Unqualified to Assume the Presidency

Donald Trump is the least qualified individual to ever be elected to the Presidency in my lifetime.  It is not possible to believe otherwise unless ones thoughts are tied to some form of alternate reality where truth is non-existent.  His claims about his own personal intelligence can be classified as further example of his ignorance.  He comes to the office with no legitimate foreign policy experience and a view of the world that is not based on evidence.  He has no experience in running any form of government organization.  He has no experience in working with Congress or the court system.  From a purely political perspective he is a child who will be cutting his first teeth while chewing on the pacifier of the country.  We are about to undergo a political experiment run by an individual who has a history of rejecting evidence that is contrary to his juvenile beliefs.  Evidence of his inexperience is demonstrated by the selection of several of his Cabinet members.  Only an ignorant man would select a man who has sued the EPA 13 times to lead the EPA.  What kind of fool selects a person who never attended public schools, and whose kids never attended public school to lead the Department of Education?  How about choosing a person to head the Justice Department that has already been soundly rejected by a lower position by Congress?   Along that line, several of the individuals chosen as Cabinet members have glaring issues in their background that would have gotten them rejected at almost any other time in our Nations’ history.

Trump Will Become Liar in Chief

I doubt that any of us have ever been exposed to an individual who bases his actions on false premises.  The most destructive element of this is that he believes that we should just accept his lies in every case because he is Donald Trump.  Of late, his surrogates have begun to use the term “alternative facts” when asked about his lies.  For the record, there is no such thing as an “alternative fact”.  Use of that term is nothing more than a way to reduce the outrage we feel when he lies.  As an individual whose college degrees and careers are based upon evaluating evidence, it is easy for me to say that the evidence on Trump is in.  He is going to be Commander-in-Chief with a sub-title of Liar-in-Chief.  The most infuriating element of his lies is the fact that he believes that because he says it, it is true.  On another level, there is quite a bit of evidence since the election that members of his party know he is lying but never confront him on it.  In that regard, the Republican Party is rapidly becoming a political group that accepts and condones his lies.  The end result of this will be that their acceptance of his ignorance will make it even more possible for him to continue to spout that which is untrue.

We have already experienced the horrific damage that can occur when an Administration uses lies to convince the American People that a certain action is in order.  Ladies and Gentleman I give you the Iraq War. The country was inundated with false information to sell the war.  Remember the aluminum tubes that were supposedly purchased to make centrifuges to process uranium for atomic bombs?  Never mind that the CIA had already exposed that claim as fraudulent.  In fact, the tubes were meant to be used in rocket and other weapon production.  The Bush Administration knew this, and lied about it.  How about the “fact” that Saddam had recently inquired about purchasing “yellowcake” uranium from Africa for the purpose of making atomic bombs?  Again, totally, and provably false, but used to sell the war.  The Bush Administration leaked false information to the New York Times and then used the fact that the Times published their false information to persuade the American electorate that we faced a fearful future because of weapons of mass destruction.   In its own ignorance, the American political class, and the rest of the American electorate accepted the lie as truth and thousands died.

Military action based upon faulty evidence kills people.  I will remind you that Donald has already told us that he is smarter than the Generals whose lives and careers have been centered on protecting American values from harm from those who seek to destroy us.  Those of us who value truth must expose the lies before they have their intended effect.

Trump Despises the Press

The American Press has a critical role in exposing individuals who act in ways contrary to American values.  Why did Nixon hate the press?  He didn’t want his deeds to be exposed.  When they were, he faced impeachment.   Why did Reagan have an adversarial relationship with the press?  He didn’t want some of the things he was doing exposed to the American people.  (Iran-Contra is a perfect example).  Why did the Bush Administration attack Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame?   Because they were involved in revealing that the Administrations claim that Yellowcake uranium was being purchased from a tiny country in Africa for the purpose of providing Saddam Hussein with materials he needed to make a nuclear bomb.  That claim was never true, but it was seen as a way to convince the American people that we needed to go to war.  Actions based on lies are dangerous.

Trump has declared that the press is made up of “bad”, “horrible”, “untrustworthy” people.  He constantly attacked the press during his campaign and is still doing so now.  If the American press corps does their job, Trump faces a backlash from the American people.   I can’t help but come to the conclusion that he fears the press corps because they will expose him for what he is and who he is.  Don’t kid yourself; this President is wildly unpopular with the majority of the electorate.  It’s time for the Press to stand up and do their job, even if it means they get kicked out of a press conference or accused of spreading “fake” news.

Trump Ignores the Organizations Whose Job It Is To Inform Him of Dangerous Conditions in the World

Never have we elected a man whose actions and proclamations are more inconsistent than Donald Trump.  Evidently he knows more than the Generals, and has his own pipeline of valuable information that is more accurate than that developed by the CIA, DIA, and 15 other organizations whose job it is to provide the President with timely, accurate, reliable information on the activities of terrorists.  I have heard that he is getting information from the former head of Blackwater, Eric Prince.  Blackwater was nothing more than a mercenary army that gorged Prince’s bank account.  Donald fancies himself “the smartest man in the world” and rejects legitimate evidence brought to him in an effort to protect him.   “In Donald We Trust” should be printed on the dollar bill now.  He is so smart that individuals would be foolish to doubt him.  I doubt him.  You doubt him.  The world doubts him, and we are perceived as fools by the rest of the world for electing him.  His victory is, without a doubt, an embarrassment and casts a dark shadow over the reputation of the United States of America.  I could have accepted any of the other Republicans attempting to gain the nomination.  This one, I can’t, and won’t.

He Does Not Have Any Form of Political Mandate

Trump claims to have won a resounding victory.  Evidence shows it was anything but that.  Donald doesn’t want us to look at evidence.  Why do you think he is so vocal about the influence of Russian intrusion on our electoral process?  It doesn’t take a lot of intelligence to realize that anything that casts a doubt upon the legitimacy of his Presidency is something he will attack.  The CIA report on the Russian interference in our election is quite clear.  The Russians did not want Clinton to be President.  Most of their intrusion into our system actually happened before Donald invited the Russians to do what they had already done.  Donald didn’t cause the Russians to do what they did.  But he willingly invited it as a means of helping him win.  Clinton lost because of an inconsistent political effort and because a minority of the American electorate hated everything “Clinton”.  No one can say with certainty that the Russian hacking of the DNC emails was the lone contributing factor for the hatred that was revealed during the election.  That being said, it is entirely possible that it contributed to “Clinton Derangement Syndrome” in ways that cost her votes.

The fact that he lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes gnaws at Trumps psyche.  He won the election.  The majority of the electorate did not vote for him.  Many who voted for him did not like him, but hated Clinton even more than they disliked Trump.  So Donald was elected by a minority of the voting public and by a lot of people who chose him even though they did not like him.  Donald does not have a mandate.  His Presidency suffers from a serious case of zero credibility.

What Do We Do Now?

Do we mimic the Republican actions of the past 8 years?  Do we oppose every single action taken by this President, and members of his party?  I find it interesting now that the Republicans, who opposed everything Obama, are already claiming that to do so now that Trump is President is basically bad for the country.  One has to wonder if the Republican leadership thinks we are so dumb that we don’t remember what they did for the past 8 years.   Don’t do as I do, do as I say!

As an individual who has no respect for the current President, let it be known that I tend to call out the lies, and speak the truth.   In a “post-truth” climate in the country, one wonders if it will make an impact.  “Truth be damned, we are going to run this country in a climate where evidence is unnecessary.”  Evidence suggests that we are in for a rough ride as we navigate the country’s first Juvenile Presidency.



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