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On an evening where we are hearing that President Trump is considering firing Robert Mueller the recently appointed Special Counsel many questions come to mind.   I would love some feedback from any or all of you on these questions?

  1. If firing James Comey was a trigger for the Special Counsel to consider obstruction of justice charges against the President, would firing the Special Counsel fan the flames and bring about more intense scrutiny into obstruction?
  2. Is our President so unintelligent as to consider that option when the evidence of obstruction of justice in the Watergate scandal was solidified by Richard Nixon firing the Special Counsel resulting in his eventual resignation to avoid impeachment?
  3. If Robert Mueller is fired, who in the Justice Department and the Whitehouse has the integrity to resign as those in the Watergate scandal resigned on the night of the Saturday Night Massacre?


I would love to hear responses from those who read this!




  1. Of all of the countries in the world, why is every single forest fire of an issue affecting the Trump Administration related to Russia?


  1. Why are so many who had or have had relationships to the Trump campaign and/or Administration claiming that they “forgot” about contacts with Russian individuals


  1. Why have so many of the Trumpets like Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Carter Page, Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner, and even Rex Tillerson had “interactions” with Russian individuals whose goal it is to undermine our democracy?


  1. Why is the Administration not doing a thing about Russian intervening in our election? 


  1. Why are Republicans not demanding that the Administration forcefully act on new Russian sanctions?


  1. Why has the Trump Administration considered relaxing financial sanctions imposed upon Russia as punishment for interfering in our electoral process?


I give you some possibilities.


  1. The Russians have something that incriminates Trump financially or personally and revelation of that would be a major embarrassment and possibly result in destruction of what is left of the Trump Presidency (such as it is).


  1. Some of the Trumpets have financial, political, or personal issues that the Russians know about.


  1. Russian financial sources that Trump has relied on for so long know something about him that he doesn’t want the country to know about.


  1. Trump doesn’t understand that Russia is a sworn enemy of the United States.


If there are other possibilities in your mind, I would love to hear about them.


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