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My Sense Of Where This Investigation Is Heading

“Leave him alone and let him do his job!”   I can’t tell you how many times I have heard Trump backers utter those words.   Interestingly enough, they are almost the same exact words we heard during the Watergate Investigation, and the Whitewater Investigation.  My answer to that is…”NO, NOT UNTIL WE KNOW THE TRUTH!”   By “truth” I mean fact-based evidence that is the result of a highly professional investigation led by one of the country’s most distinguished and decorated men.

Bottom line, the team of 16 lawyers and their staffs have done an outstanding job of eliminating leaks to the public.  This is totally unlike the Kenneth Star team that investigated Whitewater and the Clintons.  The leaks about their work were strategic and ongoing throughout the process.  They were designed to inform the public and feed the frenzy that was in full bloom.  There is none of that with this investigation.  That is a testament to the professional ethics of this group.

That being said, after the first few months this is where I see this investigation going.

1. There is a real possibility that members of the Trump team will be indicted for money laundering activity over the past several years at least.  Whether or not this leads directly to Trump or his family is an unknowable issue at this point.

2. There is a real possibility that members of the Trump team will be indicted for failure to disclose their financial ties to individuals residing in the Kremlin or otherwise involved in Russian affairs.

3. There is a real possibility that Trump will face charges regarding obstruction of justice.

4. The FBI will probably “flip” Paul Manafort or Michael Flynn during the investigative process.  This will be due to the fact that one or both of them are facing jail time and they will negotiate some sort of deal to lessen or eliminate their potential prison terms.

5. Charges will be leveled by either one, or both of the Grand Juries currently in operation.

6. Russia’s efforts to impact the election will be documented thoroughly but many in this country will either deny that it happened, or make efforts to make it seem trivial.

7. If Trump is charged with Obstruction of Justice, or money laundering, Republicans in Congress will eventually realize that they have hitched their wagon to a falling star and the leadership will make the late night visit letting the President know that he faces impeachment.

8. Trump will probably not resign, and will claim that the whole issue is fake news.  A large number of Republicans will still agree with him.

9. Impeachment will proceed.

I have no proof that any of this will happen.  They are just “informed opinion”.

As one who studied the Watergate affair heavily, there are parallels here that are uncanny in their similarity.   I don’t think we can expect a different result than what we faced in 1974.  It will be interesting to go back and look at my list when this thing is complete.


Agree?  Disagree?   Feel free to respond!


One Response to “My Sense Of Where This Investigation Is Heading”

  1. Well written. Thank you for sharing your view

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