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Questions For Christians Who Voted For Trump

In the past year I have had many conversations with both Christians and non-Christians regarding the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.  Comments made during those conversations tend to follow along two separate lines of thought.

  1. Was the election of Donald Trump an event that was 100% controlled by the God we serve?
  2. Was the election of Donald Trump an event that exemplified the “free will” so often mentioned in Christian thought?

This might be another way to characterize those two lines of thought.

  1. Was Donald Trump elected because it was the will of God?
  2. Was Donald Trump elected because the electorate used their “free will” and voted for a man whose character was in direct contrast to every Biblical imperative that the faithful hold dear.

It is clear that we live in a divided country.  Red State, Blue State, Purple State, we are all over the place politically.  The question I want to explore is how those of us who identify with the claims of Christ and Biblical revelation can be so diametrically opposite in our thinking about the last election and the state of the Presidency at this time.

To be clear, there are those that believe that Trump was placed in this position because it was the will of God.  On the other end of the spectrum there are those that believe that God would never place a man like Trump in the most powerful position on the planet.

I fully understand the “God is in charge” group.  This group quotes scripture centering on an all-powerful God who is in control of everything.  Again I understand where they are coming from.  I just disagree with that line of thinking.

Then there are those of us who believe that God would never honor a man of such low character by placing him into the position Donald Trump now holds.  We point to the fact that we have been given the “free will” to make decisions on our own and with those decisions come consequences.

The “God is in charge” group tend to stress the Biblical imperative to pray for our leaders to be successful, the result of which will be leadership actions that bring glory to God.

The “free will of the people” group tends to stress that the current leadership of this country is an embarrassing disaster that needs to be rectified by removing those who aren’t qualified to lead.

I will be clear on what I believe about our current President.

  1. He is a serial womanizer and adulterer.
  2. He is a serial liar, one that we may never have experienced in our lifetime.
  3. He is a sexual predator whose actions should have resulted in prison time.
  4. He is a bully who has gotten by in this world using verbal and legal threats against weaker opponents.
  5. There is nothing about him that indicates he is a Godly man.
  6. His fixation on the nations’ nuclear arsenal signals a lack of true understanding of its real purpose.
  7. He isn’t near as smart as he thinks he is, and his words and actions are proof of his lack of real intelligence.
  8. I could go on, but suffice it to say, these characteristics make him unqualified to serve as President of the United States.

The question I ask here is simple.  Knowing that these things are true, how could a Christian vote for a man who is so anti-Christian in his behavior and thinking?

Some possible answers to that question.

  1. You believe all of the things that people have said over the years about Hillary Clinton and think that the things that turn you off about her make her less deserving of a man with the characteristics I just listed.  In other words, all things being equal, he was more qualified in your eyes than she was.
  2. Your political ideology as a Conservative Republican is more important in your thinking that the spiritual imperatives that you identify with.
  3. You believe that the Republican Party will adhere to more of your spiritual beliefs about topics such as abortion, gay marriage, transgender issues, immigration, and other issues that are more in line with your conservative ideology.

Those who know me well, and there are few, know that I have never been one who disguises my beliefs about political issues and for that matter spiritual issues.  Here is another question I have.  If Trump was a Democrat, would you have voted for him?

I am not trying here to undermine your thought processes or your vote.  I am trying to start a legitimate discussion about a subject that doesn’t seem to have any simple answers.

Feel free to comment and state your case.  This is a discussion worth having.



3 Responses to “Questions For Christians Who Voted For Trump”

  1. Your final question is spurious at best. Trump as a Democrat would have run a Democrat’s campaign and, hence, been seen as just another enemy of Christendom in America. Of course no Christian worth the title would have voted for him.

    Indeed! Most of the Christians I’ve talked to don’t like President Trump but view him – mostly his Judicial appointments – as being far, far better for religious freedom and the continuance of legal Christianity – as more than just a gathering on Sundays – in the US.

  2. Thank you for furthering this important discussion. I find it interesting that there are Christians who believe that Democrats are another enemy of Christendom. I and many others who are Christian belong to the Democrat Party. I am not sure what you mean by “continuance of legal Christianity”…never heard it described in that way. Enlighten me on that. As far as the term “Christian worth the title” I am sure many very spiritual Christians would have voted for the man. That being said, my point is that the fact that a large percentage of Christians voted for a man who is so antithetical to Christian beliefs indicates that their party affiliation overcame their spiritual imperatives. Either way, an interesting discussion to have.

  3. Few thoughts: Saying “knowing that these things are true” is something I believe most conservatives wouldn’t concede. Most of my conservative family and friends don’t believe the main stream media and thus dismiss the “liar” accusation. Since Democrats seemed to be ok with Clinton’s adulterous acts, they see no reason why their candidate can’t hold office either. As for being a womanizer, to them it’s less evil than a baby murderer.

    His bullying tactics is something they love. They actually believe in force and are therefore more apt to vote for a war monger than a peace keeper. To them it’s how God gets things done.

    They believe in his policies, like strengthening the borders and deporting illegal immigrants.

    You also mention Christians who hold a “God is in charge” view, would you be referring to Calvinists/Determinists who believe not a single atom moves without God moving it?

    Lastly, as a Christian I could not bring myself to vote for him, but that doesn’t mean every thing he says and does, I repulse at. I do believe he lies, but I am a cynic, I believe every president lies. For that matter, every politician lies as well. I think most people feel that way and thus tolerate lying by politicians. So having a liar in office is the norm, it’s no longer a standard or metric by which people must pass in order to be a politician. in fact, it’s expected imho.

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