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A recent poll of Republicans living in States that backed Trump in the election showed that 68.7% think that the President exaggerates or intentionally lies but don’t care that he does.

Read that statement again.   Try and understand what it means.  Another way of stating this is that less than one out of every three Republicans living in those States care about the fact that the man they voted for, lies.   You might ask how that could possibly be.

Political scientists have determined that once “misinformation” is initially encoded in a persons mind that is very difficult to change that persons’ perception through credible correction.  In other words, once the lie takes root in persons’ mind, there is not much you can do to change that mind no matter how many legitimate facts you give them.

Let’s look at some of the more obvious and provably false statements made by the President.

  1. President Obama was not born in America and thus his Presidency was not legitimate.  Trump spread this provably false notion for several years and used every possible lie to confirm that belief.  In 2016 he finally admitted that Obama was born in the United States.  However, a large percentage of Republicans still believe otherwise.
  1. Trump claimed that he saw a large number of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Again, this was a blatant, calculated lie for the purpose of turning people against Muslims in this country.   It worked, as it always does with thousands of his followers backing his attacks on Muslims through the campaign and into his Presidency.
  1. He claimed that he would have won the popular vote if millions of illegal aliens had not voted in the Presidential election of 2016. There never was, and never will be any factual confirmation that this was even remotely true.


  1. Trump claimed that the United States unemployment rate was 42% when it was only 5%.  Many believe this statement was true and it was not.   Yet, to this day, he still spouts the same garbage and his followers believe him.
  1. He claimed that President Obama tapped his phones in Trump tower. Never was true.


  1. He claimed that the United States murder rate was the highest in 47 years. The truth is that the murder rate has been decreasing since the 1990’s.


  1. His latest debunked lie involves the thought that the FBI planted a “spy” in his campaign. The truth of the matter is that the FBI used common practice of having an informer meet with a three of the individuals in the Trump circle during the beginning of the legitimate investigation.   He has admitted that he is using the word “spy” to identify the individual because it will make more of a negative impression in the minds of his followers.


These are just a few of the over 3000 lies that Trump has used since elected as identified by the New York Times.  I don’t need to go through each one.  However, they all have been proven to be lies and uttered to serve a purpose.

The truth is that Donald Trump has been a horrendous liar for decades because it has worked well for him.  Trump knows that his lies, planted in the unknowing or unsuspecting minds of those who would follow him, remain there and accomplish his purposes for the lie.  Trump is a liar because it is what works for him and what has brought him to his position of power.  He lied to get there, he lies to stay there. He will lie long after he is gone.

We have gotten to the place where truth is defined as that which is screamed the loudest and most often.  The result is that the President of the United States lies to maintain the power which he lied to accumulate.  Do you believe him now?  Did you believe him in the past?   Lies planted in trusting minds tend to keep those minds from being able to discern the difference between truth and lies, between what is real and what is not.


  1. In my distant country (New Zealand) the widespread acceptance of Trump’s lies and distortions has done severe damage to the US reputation. Last time I looked at the international surveys it looks as if our impression is duplicated in many other nations. Why is this seen as good by the GOP and the Trump supporters if the red hats’ slogans are to be believed?

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