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The Only One In The Room

“They are rapist and murderers”

He proclaimed with glee

Don’t let them cross our border

Like the ancestors of you and me.


“Lock her up, lock her up”

His minions agree

As they shouted their vile epithets

And inflamed you and me.


Poor Donald, poor Donald

His mind isn’t clear indeed

What can we expect

From a man who doesn’t read


Rocket Man, Rocket Man

His mind filled with litter

The Donald proclaims

As he proves his ignorance on twitter


Climate Change, Hurricanes

And fires in the West

 “Its’ a hoax, it’s a hoax”

The Donald knows best



Poor Donald, Poor Donald

Facts mean nothing you see

Only one thing counts to him is

“It’s all about me”


His conquests are many,

Malania, Stormy, and many others agree

He can get away with anything

A serial abuser is he


Brietbart, David Duke

And the Alt-Right agree

 Donald gets his wisdom

From Shawn Hannity


Children In Cages

Their Parents Seeking to Be Free

As They Flee Murderers & Rapists

To The Land Of The Free


Guliani, Stone, and spineless Republicans

Profess Their Fielty

To a man in the tank

For the Russian community



Poor Donald, Poor Donald

True Facts Never Click

For he is the only one in the room

Who doesn’t know he’s a dick

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