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Possible Charges For Trump Impeachment

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am still uncertain as to whether or not impeaching Donald Trump makes sense at a date that is so near the next election.  That being said, a study of the Mueller report (yes I read it) indicates that serious impeachment charges are definitely possible.   What is it that Trump did that can actually result in impeachment?  What are the potential charges that the House of Representatives can charge Trump with if they move in that direction.?


Untruthful statements made under oath in written responses to the questionaire presented to the Mueller investigation .  (Clinton faced a charge of perjury during his impeachment.)

 Obstruction of Justice

There are at least 5 instances of behavior by Trump that fit all three required actions necessary to consider obstruction of justice illustrated in the Mueller Report.

The firing of James Comey while Comey was in charge of an investigation into the Presidents conduct.

Attempted firing of Robert Mueller while he was in charge of an investigation into the Presidents conduct.

Requesting that James Comey not pursue any further investigation involving Michael Flynn, Trumps disgraced National Security Advisor who lied to FBI investigators.

Requesting that White House Counsel Don McGhan talk Attorney General Jeff Sessions out of recusing himself from overseeing the Mueller Investigation.

Instructing White House Counsel Don McGhan to deny press accounts of Trump’s instructions to fire Robert Mueller.  (McGhan refused to follow his instructions.

Contempt of Congress 

Instructing all individuals that received subpoena’s from investigative committees to ignore them.

Refusal to turn over requested documents to investigative committees.

Emolument Violations

Accepting personal benefits from foreign governments or officials.

Breaking Federal Law

Leading a campaign that accepted items of value (information) from foreign nationals during the Presidential campaign.


Should the House of Representatives move forward toward impeachment, we can expect that some of the charges listed above will be included.  One should compare the charges against Nixon and Clinton and note the incredible similarities in the charges used to impeach those two Presidents.

It should be noted, that the behaviors that the President is currently involved in are continued acts of Obstruction of Justice.   I realize that the vast majority of you do not have the time or the inclination to read the Mueller Report.  That being said, a lack of first-hand knowledge about what the report actually says is no excuse for automatically rejecting it’s findings.   The report is a serious document, put together by talented and diligent investigators.  It’s conclusions are incredibly damaging to the Trump Administration.  The only question is whether or not the House of Representatives moves forward or forces all of us to wait until the next election to attempt to remove Trump from office.

Your comments are always welcome.

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